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Now, in addition to our exciting certificate programs, the Institute is now offering degree programs in the following disciplines: Cryptozoological Sciences, Ufology, and Paranormal Science.  These are three non-traditional areas of study that are now coming into prominence in the 21st century.  Now you can pursue and earn a degree through our unique home-study curriculum.

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BS Level

This degree entails all of the courses listed in our certificate programs.  Additionally, three courses in your chosen area of concentration are required.  To complete this program, a comprehensive term paper is required. 
Price: $1965.00
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Master Level

The requirements for this level include all of the BS courses, six major concentration courses and a scholarly research paper. 
Price: $2340.00
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Doctoral Level

Our highest academic achievement entails completion of the BS and Master courses, plus 8 additional area of concentration courses.  A dissertation is also required. 
Price: $2690.00
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A dissertation is required for all doctoral candidates.  This research and writing project must reflect a level of commitment to one's chosen discipline. Moreover, the work must contribute to the wider body of existing knowledge.

All doctoral candidates must submit their dissertation topic for approval.  No dissertation will be accepted without prior approval.

The dissertation  must be a minimum of 30 pages.  It must be typewritten, with a font size of 10-12.  The Times New Roman font style is recommended.  Other traditional, easily-read font styles are also acceptable.  A minimum of ten resources are required for this project and may not include any course texts.  A cover sheet and bibliography page are required.  Two copies of the dissertation must be submitted.  One copy will be evaluated and returned to the student.  One copy will be archived in the AIM research library.

Degree Program Course Requirements


Cryptozoological Sciences BS Level (In addition to all certificate level courses)

  • General Zoology (Required for all Cryptozoological Science Degree Program Students)
  • CS 529 “Monster” Studies
  • CS 530 Cryptid Raptors
  • CS 531 Homo Floresiensis “Hobbit”

Cryptozoological Sciences MS Level (In addition to all certificate level courses and BS Level courses)

  • CS 532 Living Fossils
  • CS 533 The Yowie
  • CS 534 Mothman

Cryptozoological Sciences Doctoral Level (In addition to all certificate level courses, BS Level courses and MS Level courses

  • CS 535 Advanced Cryptozoology Part I.
  • CS 536 Advanced Cryptozoology Part II.

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Ufology BS Level ( In addition to all certificate level courses)

  • US 537 The Phoenix Lights
  • US 538 Underwater UFOs
  • US 539 Bible-UFO Connection

Ufology MS Level (In addition to all certificate level courses and BS Level courses)

  • US 540 The Barney and Betty Hill Case
  • US 541 Alien Agenda
  • US 542 Majestic 12

Ufology Doctoral Level (In addition to all certificate level courses, BS Level Courses, and MS Level courses

  • US 543 UFO Technology
  • US 544 UFOs and National Security

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Paranormal Science BS Level (In addition to all certificate level courses)

  • PS 545 Beings From Beyond
  • PS 546 The Paranormal Investigator
  • PS 547 The Monster Hunter

Paranormal Science MS Level (In addition to all certificate level courses and BS Level courses

  • PS 548 Non-Human Inter-dimensional Creatures
  • PS 549 Mystical Beings
  • PS 550 Paranormal Casebook

Paranormal Science Doctoral Level (In addition to all certificate level courses, BS and MS Level courses

  • PS 551 History of Witchcraft and Demonology
  • PS 552 Supernatural Creatures

NOTE: Education at the American Institute of Metaphysics is not intended to serve as a substitute for education at a traditional college or university.  Because AIM does not seek to indoctrinate students into the mainstream, Western paradigm, traditional mathematics, literature, and science are not taught.  These disciplines are incorporated into many areas of study at AIM insofar as they can be made to apply in validation of the alternative, non-traditional disciplines and philosophies that are taught.  Degrees and credits are not transferable from AIM to other mainstream universities.  Therefore, students pursuing degrees at AIM are doing so to further their knowledge and skill base in their chosen disciplines.

Because so many AIM students are working adults, the home-study format is ideal.  Students are permitted to work at their own pace-- completing coursework when their lifestyle, work, home, and family responsibilities permit.

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